LingQ won't answer support emails (Charging me to much)

Hi, I have sent LingQ a couple of emails to theirs support-mail, but I am not recieving any answers. It appeared like something had been done without an answer, but the problem still persisted. Let me explain.

I was considering quiting subscribing for LingQ premium so I wanted to check my options, didn’t find any but downgraded for the moment til half price while considering going for a couple of months more atleast. However, LingQ charged me the full price as well has the half price that is 1.5X if the normal price or 3X of what I expected to pay. I hastily sent an email to the support-mail, with a follow-up two weeks later. Today, after complainig twice, I was once again charged the triple amount. The half price was supposed to last for 3 months. Any ideas on how to proceed with this?

I have to say that I have become quite aggitated, but would appreciate any suggestions from the community.

Sorry about that. I just found your emails in our spam, that’s the reason I haven’t noticed and replied to them. I apologize! I just marked them as non-spam, so all your emails from now on should be delivered successfully.
I have just refunded your $12.99 payments from June and July and cancelled that extra subscription you had on your account.
Your account has now remained on one monthly subscription and you’ll have 1 more month with a 50% discount (on August 8th).

Sorry once again for any inconvenience and let me know if I can assist with anything else.

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