LingQ widget problems

On and on I keep experiencing problems with blue popup hint windows. They often don`t disappear once I hover on a word. Then I actually have to refresh the page, and the whole process i pretty time-consuming.

What`s more, I have problems with creating lingQs for whole phrases. If a single word in a new phrase is “known” (not highlighted at all in the text), it does not get included in the hint/phrase box once I try to edit it, and so some parts of the new phrase do not appear highlighted in yellow with that phrase afterwards.

In the text I have: “We went to the beach”.
the word “to” is “known”. So only “went the beach” is in blue.
I mark the phrase “went to the beach”, open blue edit box and try to put the polish translation in the hint box. Then “save”.
And then in the original text I can see in yellow only this: “went the beach”. The word “to” is not marked at all.

What browser are you using when experiencing this issue? I haven’t noticed this problem myself.
Also, have you tried changing your settings so that LingQs open with a click? This may help with the stuck LingQs. You can find the setting at the bottom of the Settings page.

thanks, changing the settings made things simpler:)

Problems reoccur
even though in the settings I set the option that lingqs open with a click, they open without click, and stay opened hindering the view - they don`t disappear.

Are these the blue popups or the yellow popups? Currently the setting does not affect blue popups, so they will open when you hover over them. Do you notice them getting stuck at certain times or just randomly? Also, how often is this occurring for you?

The last time I have problems with creating LinQ.When I click on blue ,I have answer “error on page”.
Rrefreshing page doesn’t help.

Hi lida,

We apologize for the problems. Some changes and updates over the past few days caused a few errors that we’re still working on fixing. Are you experiencing this error in all browsers? Also, is the error with every lesson you open or just with a specific lesson?

Before I had problems with lesson from VOA and Public Speaker’s, but today I had the same problem with lesson from LinQ Others:The Silent Period of Second Language.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

@lida - What browser are you using when accessing the site? Also, does this issue appear for every word, specific words, or just random words? Can you direct us to a specific word where you are experiencing the problem?

I am sorry,I cancelled it.

Hi lida,

We just updated the site and fixed a few bugs. Please tell us if you are still experiencing errors.


I have a strange problems when LingQing - whenever I try to add a new hint to an unknown word (and I do it all the time), a windows pops up: “You have unsaved changes. Continue?”. It drives me crazy, since as far as I know I have no unsaved changes and I don’t know how to prevent this window from popping-up all the time. Until now I’m closing it every time patiently, but even my patience is wearing thin. Please, help!

Sorry, I meant “I have a strange problem” obviously, not “problems”.

@customic - This is a strange problem and happens to me too. It only happens in Chrome and we are trying to figure out why. It occurs when you hit Enter to save edits on your LingQ widget and then click the Search Dictionary button on a blue popup again. It could just be a bug in the browser which makes it tough to fix.

same with me. and I am using chrome. I’ll just use something else until its fixed.

another browser that is. :slight_smile: