Lingq web page is freezing every few lingqs. Started happening after latest changes on Friday

Hi Support
I open an article and click a few blue words and the web site freezes. I then have to re-load the web site. It also happens if a select a line of text to translate.

My computer is a Windows 10 running Google Chrome
Also tried my old Windows 7 PC running Internet Explorer
And my Ubuntu PC running Google Chrome

I get the same result on all my computers.    


I reportet the same problem in oder tread.

I’m having problems as well. First time I’ve used new website version and it freezes when listening to audio after a minute or so, and I have to close the browser. Also, I’ve tried to import some articles from a website with the Chrome app and although it said it worked it only imported the last paragraph of the article.

Me as well, i havent been able to work on lingq since friday.

And i cant just refresh the page, i actualy have to close the window.

Still freezing with no option but to close the browser.

Hi , I think I can help you because I was having the same problem and now It’s working fine .
Here is what you have to do : Go into the lesson that you want to study and then go to settings/configuration and put it on “Manual mode” and “Sound effects” OFF .
I did this on Saturday and since then it’s working ok .
I hope that this can help you .

We’re very sorry about this issue. It was happening sometimes when a phrase or word was highlighted and then closed. It should be resolved now. Please refresh your lesson page and let us know if you still have these types of errors.

Had no problems today. Working well Thanks :slight_smile:

The problem has just returned, Exact same problem.

Good again.