LingQ Vocabulary lost

Recently i found out that all my saved lingqs for all languages are lost. the system recognises all my “known words” and shows it as usual but all my lingqs now are “unknown words” and shown with blue colour
As i understood a part of the problem is that my subscription was cancelled because my bank card was empty. i payed for a current month with another card and now the systems thinks that i am a newcomer. It is just a guess because how to explain that all my known words are still known and only lingqs are somewhere

That’s bad, hope you can get it sorted out.

Hi Chaku,
I am sorry to hear that. Your issue sounds really strange. Can you please contact us on support(at) and there we will provide additional help. I think we will need your permission to access your account and check what happened. Thanks!

That sounds horrible. I hope there is some sort of backup in the servers in any case.

wow that sounds horrible, is that how its supposed to be?.. I only signed up recently to learn polish but I used a one time card, so it will only be able to do one payment (internet security thing)… will this happen with my account when my days are out?

@Chaku - I am sorry about that. We have started to delete user data when user’s downgrade as a way of dealing with the large amount of user data we are having to store. However, it should not have affected your account which was downgraded due to a failed payment. We are looking into this and will get it fixed. Only those users who explicitly downgrade and confirm to delete their data should be affected in the future. We will look into getting your data restored. Please give us a few days.

Do you know if that will happen to me? I used a one-per-time payment card to pay my bill for 6 months. What will happen in the end of those 6 months? Will my data just be deleted? What if I decide I want to continue lingQ after those 6 months, will I have to start over with everything?

No, you will be fine. We have fixed that issue now. You will have lots of time to upgrade again, or to update your payment method once your current membership expires, before your data will be affected. We are also planning to institute an email warning before any data is deleted.

Thanks. Appreciated!

That email warning would be sooooo valuable, Im sure it would bring a lot of people back and I would be very happy if I got warned before anything like that happened.

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