LingQ vocabulary box - warning to save

In the LingQ box we get often a warning to save otherwise we will lose the word.
Only wenn we didn’t save and we add a new word, we haven’t this warning.
Would it be possible to bring?

I don’t think that we lose the word. It’s only the information we enter (hint or phrase) that will be lost if we don’t save it before adding a new word.

Yes jeff, that is correct. We don’t lose the word, but we lose the work that we did in hint and phrase :slight_smile:
Therefore I would like have the warning if possible.

When do you get the warning message and when do you not?

I get the message when I accidentally “add” a new word (or rather, I get the option to ignore the new word and go back and save the old word first), at least if it’s an item I’m working on, but I don’t know about adding words in the vocabulary section.

Irene, I save a lot of words. I have not experienced this. However, I can tell you that we are not going to touch the LIngQ box for a few months. There are simply too many other things to do. Please save your ideas and requests, or mention them here, but we will not do anything for a while. When we do we will ask people for their input and ideas.

after your message I see here is a different and I reply your question.
I will observe to find out.

that wasn’t an very important point and how mentioned before it doesn’t happen for ever.

An other point would be more important. Once upon a time we had a very helpful possibility: We could write the stem or a part of a word and got all words in different variances.

Now I looked more exactly:
When I work in the vocabulary section in the “LingQ-Box” for changing and click after that writing on the next word then I get the warning.
When I go after the correction in the “add new word-box” I get no warning and the correction I did is losed.

But I think it is not one of the important points and I have to work a little more carefully :slight_smile:

Now I understand where the problem was. Thanks. We will bear it in mind but remind us again when we go to improve the LingQ widget.

You can still search by parts of words. Just put the stem or part of the word you want to search for into Search in the Vocab section. I use this all the time. It is useful to compare similar words, or words that I may think are similar. Let me know if you have a problem.

I remember a time where it was working with stem but it is never and Mark told me there is a bug.
Hmmm, I wonder when you write it is working.


You are right. It no longer works. I have not been using it recently, but I did for a long while. I will look into it.Thanks.