LingQ v5 is a disaster especially on Android

LingQ v5 is a disaster especially on Android. When i opened the app and downloaded some courses it downloaded but after that it disappeared forever, i can access the courses anymore, i tried to uninstall and install it again but still the courses didn’t appeared.

When you download a course on Android it disappears and you cannot access it anymore only on your PC…

I’ve tried to uninstall, install but nothing.

I paid 111+ euro or something like that for what? (bugs, glitches, unfinished work… )

It’s obvious this Lingq 5.0 is in Alpha stage not even Beta stage let alone Full stage at least on Android.

Shame on me, I’m gonna cancel my subscription, biggest mistake I’ve made this year…

This is an issue that is happening in other platforms as well, where if you open a guided course, it doesn’t show up again in the Guided Courses tab. We are working on fixing this.

You can always access those courses or any other added material from the Continue Studying tab at the top of the Library.