lingQ Tokyo Summer Get-together Final info

Sorry to bother you about this again, but I have made final plans for the Tokyo get together party on Sunday. We will get together at Harajyuku at 1:00 and then walk to a nice cafe I know (about 10 min from the station)

When you arrive at Harjyuku station, take the 表参道口 exit, not the 竹下exit. Basically you go UP the stairs and not Down the stares. This is the exit closest to Yoyogi park and Meiji shrine

since there is always a ton of people right by the station we should meet directly across the street in front of the snoopy shop. I will be wearing my Harjyuku lolita best, so look for the tall blond girl which who all the tourists are taking pictures of!

Meith, i really need your contact info. please email me (see my mail in my profile)

こんばんは、 またリンクオフ会についてメッセージを残して、ごめんなさい! 日曜日の1時に原宿で会いましょう。駅を着くと、表参道口で出てください。道の向かいにあるSnoopyのお店の前に集まりましょう。 ロリータのお洋服を着てる私は目立つなぁと思います。すぐ分かります!!きっと観光旅行者たちに写真を撮られちゃう (いつものように!

Oh I wish if I could…
Do tell me(us) how it went!
Have fun :slight_smile:


Hi, could someone tell me the meaning of “tip jar”? I can barely understand its meaning but not exactly.