LingQ, the best (way/place) to learn languages

I was just thinking… the line you often hear on the podcasts: “LingQ, the best way to learn languages” is good, but I was wondering if anyone felt like it would be more descriptive to call LingQ “the best PLACE to learn languages…” since we are a community, we all have slightly different personal ways of using LingQ, and the idea of a way or method that fits all is possibly invoked by the usual phrase. I am probably thinking too much about it :). Just thought I’d throw that thought out there…

I like that Ed!..

Yes! “Place” sounds better. The site/community provides the content and then it’s up to us how we use it. Although I’d say that LingQing plays a major part, there is no particular method other than “do what thou wilt”. :wink:

You’ve got a point doo.

I agree absolutely with Ed’s idea - this was my thinking too I only didn’t write :slight_smile: