LingQ Testimonials

Hi Everyone,

We are putting together a Testimonials page for LingQ and we need your help. If you would be able to put together a nice testimonial in whatever language you choose, we would be very grateful and will add it to our new page. Please also tell us the name you would like us to display under the testimonial(ie. George Smith, Tulsa, Oklahoma). Also, if you would like us to link your name to your website or blog site, please provide the url.

You can either post your testimonials here or send them to us at support (at) lingq (dot) com.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi there,

don’t know if this will be any help, though I find lingq very useful tool while learning Spanish, so let me write the story of how fast I am learning the language using it :slight_smile:

A few days ago a friend of mine told me she is learning Spanish. The first idea to come to my mind was if I could find any audio books to learn the language too. So i found one and after 8 hours of listening I already had some basic understanding of the Spanish language structure. (A very very useful audio book to start learning Spanish with, by Michele Thomas, he shows the structure of the language, and not just some common phrases as usually such “teachers” do). The next day I spent a couple of hours trying various language learning software, when I came to I’ve now spent some 30 hours here in total and I can already read wikipedia, news and other articles in Spanish almost without any use of dictionary (well, I point out about 1 word in 50 when reading articles I import to the LingQ’s workdesk). I find LingQ very handful, it really saves tons of time and makes me feel more confident when I know I have anything I need to learn (i.e. articles I have read/plan to read, vocabulary, dictionary, flashcards, etc.) at hand.

Tomas, Lithuania.

PS. You can use just an excerpt from what i wrote, or you can change some words, etc. (english is not my native language, so i might have made mistakes). Just wanted to write it as a thank you letter to the LingQ team :slight_smile: Great idea and great job you guys made! Keep going :wink:

Thanks a lot, Tomas! That’s amazingly quick progress you’re making! Great to hear that LingQ is helping!

Mark, I am all for this! Just give me some time to get my thoughts together and get it all written out!