LingQ status change problem

In Chrome & Explorer…

The change when moving the status of a LingQ from 1 to 4 (or any number) only occurs after a refresh.

That is, clicking on 4 does not immediately change the yellow lingQ to underlined. The change occurs only after a refresh.

Works fine in Firefox.

was going to report the same problem but somebody did it first.

Same here!

@pmilone - What page are you on when this occurs?

For me its the same when I’m using chrome …I must refresh … or click one after another 1-2-3 only then click 4

@mark- the lesson page

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Same for me also, but I have Firefox 26.0. I noticed that when I make the change the word does actually go white for a split second, but then it’s yellow again. Like everyone else refresh fixes the problem.

I see what you mean. You have to change status twice for the shading to start working properly. We’ll get that fixed.