LingQ sounds not playing in Android browsers

Anyone else having problems playing sound clips in flash cards and lessons? Nothing happens when I click (surrounding area highlights but no sound plays). Doing flash cards was a big motivator in getting the device but without hearing the pronunciation it’s not nearly as good.

I have tried various browsers (default, firefox, opera) with no difference. Other website like youtube play without issue.

HTC Desire
Android 2.2.1

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated,

Hi Stephen,

It appears there are some issues with Google’s text-to-speech running on the Android browser. Unfortunately there is little we can do about this.
There are also issues playing lesson audio on iOS devices, but clicking the green “Download” button should presumably work if you would like to play the lesson audio.

We have an Android app in the works right now and we hope to have it ready soon, so your best option might be to wait for the app to come out.

Hi Alex,
Thanks, that sounds about right, I found the same issue using T2S directly. Great to hear the Android app is on its way soon!