LingQ skips multiple pages sometimes and the reader breaks regularly

Hey, I’m learning Romanian and when I try to use go to the next page it’s happened that particularly the first three pages will be skipped, or at least sentences of them. I only realize this at the end of a lesson when LingQ tells me whether to move blue words to known or not.

I also notice that if I try to press on LingQs next to the bottom of the browser or on the right hand side the entire lesson will mess up, which happens not always but enough that it ruins my experience. This is because LingQ struggles to fit the definitions on the screen, I think. It’s happened on both Opera GX and Firefox. I use the web browsers in windowed mode and I have a standard 1080 display.

Have you already tried to use MS Edge? It is a very usefull, intuitive and realiable browser. Give it a try.

Sorry to hear that. I asked our team to look into it.

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managed to replicate the issue, here’s how the reader normally looks.

and here you can see how trying to look up a definition “breaks” the page.

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Thanks for the screenshots!