Lingq site is terrible today

The site is horribly slow today, and problematic too.
I always need to click twice on the flash card ok button to see anything happening, but sometimes when I do this it leaps over one more flashcard.
Also, I think it is working even slower at IE, which I’m being obliged to use to create lingqs to my items…
It’s just for register, I hope these problems are solved soon.

Hi Ana,

It is very slow right now and we’re not sure why. We are working on it and hope to have it working properly again soon. Thanks for your patience.

Hi Ana,

The site should be working fine now. Please try it and let me know. We are hoping to make some improvements to the WordDesk and the LingQ widget this week which will hopefully greatly increase the speed of the WorkDesk and also solve your problem with Firefox.

Uh, it’s slow today also and I have a lot of problem with dictionary. One word every four words which I looked up I had “dictionary error”. I’m Firefox user but I use IE for LingQ.

I forgot to say, it’s slow but faster than yesterday.


In which language did you have the dictionary error problem. I am in Firefox and am not experience problems and find the site quite fast. It might be a function of the dictionary or the word you are looking up.

In any case we have done a number of necessary behind the scenes things to fix up our data base and it did have the initial effect of slowing things down. We think it is restored to roughly the speed it had before.(I find it faster).

However, the main concern we have right now is that we expect to make a major improvement to the functioning of the widget within a week and do not want to distract our programmers from that task. We are hoping that this will bring significant benefit to all users.


Are you seeing the error in the main box of the LingQ widget or is the error in the dictionary box which pops out on the right side?

In the dictionary box which pops out on the right side. It pops out but at first there is nothing in the box, so totally white, and after a while it appears “dictionary error” (IE) “505 Error Server (or something similar)” (Firefox) messages in the box. But it seems that was a temporally error. Now it works well. I use English-Japanese and English-Spanish dictionary.

Hi, I’ve just tried firefox again, and the problem with the lingq widget is still there. After the first word, I simply can’t create more linqs…

That’s too bad. At any rate, we hope to have this problem eliminated next week sometime. Thanks for your patience.