Lingq site crashes

For the last 2 nights, the site has went down at 11:00 PM central standard time. Before that wasn’t happening at all. So I was wondering, why was it so that it went down for no apparent reason?

@OzzyHellBack - There is a reason :slight_smile: It’s right around this time that the LingQs of the Day lists are generated for all users, so the site gets slow for a few minutes as our servers churn away in the background generating tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of lists. We’ve purposely chosen this time as it is the quietest time on the site. Hopefully this helps clear things up!

Oh… I though it was hackers doing some night work. I was so scared when it happened twice in a row. But now that I and anyone else who’ve read your comment on this thread now knows that it isn’t hackers or the government spying.