LingQ settings keep changing

Why is it that I have to consistently reset all my preferences in the settings for LingQ. My library settings, my reader settings, my playlist settings, etc. It seems like half the time when I log into LingQ they reset to the default settings and I have to reset it to my preferences.
I do not have any programs on my computer or my devices that clear cookies every time I log out. So there’s no reason why these things should be resetting. To make matters worse, it seems like the settings never sync between devices. If I set up my iPad settings then those preferences should also update the settings in my phone and my computer.
No other app or website that I use has this problem. Even free apps that I use are able to maintain the settings and sync them across devices with no problem.
Can someone please explain to me why this seemingly basic feature seems to be lacking from LingQ?

LingQ settings are saved in browser’s cookies. So in order to keep them, you need to make sure not to clear cookies. If your settings do reset, that means that your cookies are deleted every time you restart browser. Maybe check that in the browser settings.

At least from the forum posts I’ve seen, this is a fairly common complaint. It’s happened to me as well, although not as frequently as you describe. Making things worse, the consequences are rather severe: whole pages of new words might get moved to known, or lingqs might be automatically created from the “most popular” definitions … which are never things I want to have happen.

I also have the same problem! I try to check my settings often to make sure they are the way I want them to be. I rarely clear cookies or whatever, and they don’t reset when I close the browser and they still get changed. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

It is such an unreliable way, they should be saved within the user profile. Cookies are not meant to saved settings.