LingQ Russian Mini Stories missing most of the stories!

What happened to the other half of the mini-stories? I hear a lot of good things about them and was pretty disappointed to see them missing half the lessons.

As you can see below there are many large gaps in the lessons.

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They are all still there! Go to the guided course section, select courses at the top, and scroll down until you see the Mini-Stories section.

All the Mini Stories in Russian are there, nothing is missing. Please take another look.

If that is the case please link me to lesson 1 of the Russian mini stories because it’s not there. Please see the screenshot

Parusskiy, here is the first lesson: Login - LingQ
we have started improving the mini stories including Russian mini stories, please be patient and check again if you found some stories are missing. thanks

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That link works, but I still find it strange that it’s not in the course list even though it says it’s part of the course in the lesson info.

Either theres something in the backend that makes these lessons hidden (in which case this should be an announcement saying that they won’t be available) or there is a bug with the site and the list doesn’t populate properly.

do these lessons show up in the list for you?

You can get to them all, but you’re right, if you go to the “course”. It is showing a bunch “missing”. I’ll assume it’s related to them working on them as Sahra suggests.

If you go to her link to the first one you can get to the next one by hovering over the 3 dots in the upper right corner, which will produce a popup. In the popup are left and right arrows. If you click the right hand one in will take you to the next lesson.

Interestingly as I’m going through each of these, if I go back to “Lesson Info” (from same popup), it’s starting to list the “missing” courses. You might try the same. Either that or they are correcting them as we speak in the background.

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We are looking into it. Thanks guys.