LingQ pushes adds to paying users (not really)

I see this again and again. I have already signed up to that Webinar. How to switch it off?

Also wondering, LingQ knows my name and email - why asking?

Sorry about that. Do you have cookies suppressed on your browser? The fact that you have seen it is stored in your cookies so if you clear your cookies this can’t be stored. This is a third party popup so we can’t pre-fill it with your details.

My browser does not keep cookies for long - security reasons. It is the same problem as with this blue guiding messages that I have to go through each and every time.

It can and should be fixed on your side - most web-sites I use do not have such problem.

Meanwhile I’ll try to put in trusted sites list and see if it is possible to keep cookies from this particular site.

Mark, thank you for the reply!