Lingq problems

Hey Everyone, I am experiencing some problems with the lingq system. So i noticed things got updated and move around about few days ago. Well now when I study a lesson I am not able to add the number of times I read or listened to something in the lesson. When I go to my lessons section and click my mouse on the bar next to the lesson it appears way below that lesson and when I move my mouse it goes away. I need some help to figure out how to get this working again.

@Minjun_kr - There is an issue with the task popups on the Lessons and My Lessons pages. It has to do with how far down the page you have scrolled. We are working on it and hope to resolve it tomorrow. In the meantime, if you open that lesson you will be able to adjust your reading and listening stats on the Tasks tab.

Thanks Mark I understand and I will be patient, I enjoy using the system so no worries. Just curious though I couldnt find the task bar within the lesson. It use to be there but now it isn’t. Thanks for the timely reply.

@Minjun - There is a tab called Tasks and Forum in the resource tabs.

hi mark, i wanna say what linq cann do paypall in euro

@Allcan - The price will be in dollars but Paypal will convert it to Euro for you automatically. That is not a problem.

hmm,interesting while your’s system don’t accept mastercard in euro ?

@Allcan - Our system accepts Mastercard and charges in US$. It does not care what currency your credit card is denominated in since it converts to that currency automatically. Your Euro mastercard should work fine. Have you tried to use it? If so, what happened?

i choose not paypal, choose cards, master card and system give me this message “PayPal failed to charge the specified card.” how fix this problem ?

@Allcan - That sounds strange. It seems like Paypal is not accepting your card. It has nothing to do with MasterCard or the currency of your card but may have something to do with the card itself. You may want to contact your bank or Paypal to find out why. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

ok ty

Hello, I can’t see my profile. When I open my lessons, it’s no problem. But when I try to open profile, then there is an error “500 - Server error”. It’s strange to me, but maybe you can to eliminate an error or say me what to do… Thanks

I just tried to open yours, it definitely doesn’t work for outsiders either. I had no problem looking at Mark’s.

@Sv - Yup,it’s not working. We’ll look into that right away. Sorry about that.

@Sv - We’ve fixed that now. You can see your profile again.