LingQ Podcasts in different languages

We are getting more and more good content for the LingQ store in a variety of languages. We have tutors ready to tutor in their native language.

We still do not have proper explanations in languages other than English but this is more of a problem for people learning English than for people learning other languages, and we are working on setting up a system so that our members can help us with the translation of the site.

We now need to let “the market” know that they can learn languages other than English at LingQ. Podcasts are one way to go. We already have EnglishLingQ ( We want to do the same in other languages.

Anna and I will start to develop a format for RussianLing - learn Russian podcast. I would like to see the same develop for other languages. I think we should have a beginner podcast and an intermediate podcast, one each per week. We will follow the LingQ philosophy. We will avoid exercizes and work sheets and direct the learner to our site. We will offer audio and transcripts, free of charge. We will do a small amount of English in the introductions for the Beginner podcast, but not for the more advanced one.

We can use a lot of the material that is already in the LingQ store, and we will add all future podcast content to the LingQ Store.

I would like to hear from those who are already creating content, or want to create content, to see what level of interest there is. I believe that more and more people will be Googling for “learn Spanish podcast” etc. and we want to be within the first few podcasts they find for every language.

Your comments please .

Language learning Podcasts are very good. There are some podcasts out there, I know JapanesePod101 for japanese and ChinesePod for chinese. But, they have to much english! I think podcasts entirley in the target language are much better. I will do something in Portuguese as soon as possible. It will be nice if other users could do the same in their native languages.

Thanks for your Mairo,

I agree with you about these podcasts. The texts are not very interesting, too much like text book content. I also am against the “work sheets” and exercizes. The question is what to do for beginners.

I think that it is a good idea to have a short intro for beginners with both English and Portuguese for example. This should then be followed by an easy content item in Portuguese. We could then finish with a discussion of the item and the terms used. I would like to experiment with you. I could speak English and you speak Portuguese.This would only be for beginners. Once past the beginner stage everything should be in the target language.

I believe it is good to have two or three regular hosts and the occasional guests. If I speak with you on Skype I can record the conversation on my Mac using Wire Tap Studio. The quality is very good. I do not know about PCs.