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Hi, I have recently started to use Chrome and the extension Lingq on the web. I thought it would be good to use it to read the BBC news in Russian (Главная - BBC News Русская служба). It’s a complicated page and it seemed to work best by uploading to Lingq. That was all very good on the first usage. The next day I try the same thing again, as obviously the news was new, but it says that the page “Главная - BBC Russian” is already loaded and it refuses to do any more. Is there any way I can get around this? The content of a news page will always be different, day by day.

Do you mean that you’re trying to import this main page with the titles of the various different articles, or are you trying to import specific articles?

The extension is set up not to create duplicates of text from the same URL. This is so that if you accidentally click the extension again on a page, you won’t have two copies of the same text in your account. For pages like this, however, it will cause trouble. Instead of using the extension to import this main page, might I either recommend clicking on specific articles and importing those or using the Google Translate extension to translate the page so you can get an idea of the news, then click through to specific articles that you’re interested in and import those?

Hello Alex, Yes, this is the “headlines” page, with a brief summary of each item of news, so that is why I wanted to import it many times. The solution you suggest is a good one, as each specific article has a different page name, not likely to be repeated. Good thinking!

But now I have another, query. I am reminded that the Russian language on these pages is not good. Perhaps it is a machine translation from an English source and not written by a native Russian person. So now I’m looking for a way to delete imported lessons. Can it be done? It was not obvious to me when I tried.

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Glad I could offer a helpful solution :slight_smile:

Sure, you can delete imported lessons by either going to the My Lessons/My Imports page, clicking the “V” next to the Open button, then selecting “Delete Lesson”, or by clicking the “Edit Lesson” button in the gear dropdown when the lesson is open, then scrolling down and clicking “Delete Lesson”.