Lingq on the web

when i’m linking on the web i can only work on the unknown words and lingqs, but i can not lingq any known words. the function seems kind of worthless without that possibility.

Do you mean when you create a lingq (yellow word) you can’t relingq it? The highlighted yellow word allows you to recognize it, after a while you can move the yellow words to known . Hope this helps

Hi! You can save known words as LingQs. To do this, just highlight the word with your cursor or double-click it, then a blue highlight will appear and the blue popup will show up on the right. Then just select a hint or click “Search dictionary”.

it should, but that is not the case, only lingqs and unknown words can be edited on my computer.

Ah, my apologies. When you said on the web I thought you were talking about the web version, not the mobile version. I see now you are referring to the mobile app. Yes, this is not currently possible on the mobile apps, though it is something we may enable in the future!

no, i’m lingqing on my pc.

I see, would you let me know which browser you’re using? Here’s a quick screencast of what it should look like when you highlight a known or ignored word with your cursor:

yes, i can do all that when lingqing on the linq site, just like you showed. i cant do that when i’m lingqing on the web. i use chrome.

Then I imagine you mean using the Chrome Extension, correct? That would make more sense :slight_smile: Yes, highlighting of known words is not currently supported through the Chrome Extension. The main issue for now is that it’s difficult to know what to highlight on the page, and since so many pages are coded differently it is a challenge to get this to work consistently across the different pages out there. We’re continuing to work on the Chrome Extension and will see if we can add this option as well!