Lingq on chromebooks from Germany?

I’m thinking of buying a chromebook and I live in Germany. But with all the restrictions to OS I’m worried that LingQ wont work on such a device?!

Does anyone here have a German chromebook that actually works with Lingq? Or maybe someone from support knows anything about compatibility?

I believe LingQ should work without issues on the Chromebook, but hopefully someone actually using the device will be able to confirm that.

I almost brought mine when I was there a couple of weeks ago! Unfortunately, I decided not to in the end so I can’t tell you for sure…

However, I can’t imagine any compatibility issues. Are you planning to use the app on the chromebook? Or just the browser? I just use the browser for LingQ on the chromebook personally and have not had issues.

I did try hopping on vpn with German server and didn’t have any issues using LingQ. Might not be a perfect test though.

Have you seen anything that specifically states chromebook or chromeos In Germany is an issue? I couldn’t find anything myself.

Not with LingQ, but I heard that things like zoom can only be used with the linux interface, so I wanted to know if someone ran into issues. (I’m not fond of linux plus chromebooks are not really good with storage or ram so I feared some lagging). I plan on using the web version

I assume when you say “can only be used with the linux interface”, I assume you mean you need to install the Linux version of that application. There can be some of that. Zoom, though, has a web plugin, I believe??, so that shouldn’t be an issue??? Certainly some apps may not work, or at worst, they are not designed with a chromebook in mind so it can be clunky for some of these things.

fyi: found this link regarding zoom on chromebook:

I’ve used LingQ on a chromebook without any issues. My go to computer is a laptop running Linux, but I often take the chromebook when I’m traveling and don’t want the extra weight.

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Thanks, yes that’s what I meant. I heard that Linux should be available on all chromebooks, but I’m still a little adamant because as you said some apps were designed for more space, plus I remember linux from programming school and felt like this involved so much admin that you cannot actually do the work you want to… Thanks for the