LingQ on Android

I’m vietnamese and I started using LingQ about 6 months ago… I usually use LingQ on my phone…but about 3 days ago, I can’t use LingQ on Android anymore…Can someone explains it for me??

Try uninstalling and installing the application again.

I’ve already tried several times …but it did’nt work…when I access to LingQ on my computer, it usually requires " one more step to security "
I wondered maybe that is the problem in my phone…and how can’t I add a picture in this forum?

Probably best to email the pictures to It’s very unclear from your description what the problem is. I use LingQ on Android and it has been working fine.

I am sorry to hear that you have problem with this.
As keke said, please send email with screenshots to support (at)

@keke_eo it is not possible to add emails to forum post, so you will have to improvise in cases like this :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer, guys. But I’ve recently figured out what the problem is…it has nothing to do with my phone or LingQ…the problem is WiFi that I used…and when I use 3G to connect to LingQ on Android. it’s fine
p/s: my writing skill in english is still poor…hopefully you, guys, can understand :slight_smile:

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Good to hear - if you have any other issues please let us know.

PS. Your English is perfectly fine :slight_smile: