LingQ of the Day - once again

I have to come back to the problem again. How mentioned before, it was not working, but than, suddenly it worked to change or correct the word and to save it in the changed manner.
Today, it isn’t working again. How can that be possible? Do I anything wrong? My correction can be seen, if I chose the button for correcting, but is not to see on the first page of the card.

Hi Irene,

I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Are you trying to change the term? Which page are you on when doing this?

Hi, Alex
It is a little strange. Sometimes it is working and sometimes not. I cannot tell you what happened, if it works suddenly again. This happened now in different days,

I am working with the Flashcard, and I want to change somethings. I click on this button and get the page where I can do this. I click on the pencil symbol and do my correction (for the LingQ). After that, I click on “save”.

After this action is what I wrote before. Sometimes the change isn’t to see on the page, where UPS! and RIGHT! is written. This correstion doesn’t work on the next cards, too.
But if I try it again after a longer time, it can be that it works.

I know, such mistakes are difficult to discribe and to look for it for you. I only want to give you this information. Perhaps, other member has the same problem.

Irene, ich glaube, dass die Aktualisierung des LingQs in der Datenbank gemacht wird, aber nicht in der Anzeige auf dem Bildschirm. Wenn du diesen LingQ später aufrufst, z.B. auf der Vokabelseite, dann siehst du deine Änderungen.

Irene, I think, that the LingQ in the database is updatet but not on the interface. If you look up your LingQ later on, for example on the vocabulary page, you’ll see the changes you made before.

Yes, Vera, this could be, it is an idea.
Only, when that would be the case, it must happen each time. But it happens sometimes and sometimes not.
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

That is indeed strange.