Lingq of the day emails timing and SRS sort order

Hello, is there any setting at what time of the day the Lingq of the day emails are sent? I’m in CET time zone and get these daily at 9PM. At that time of the day I don’t usually feel like learning anymore at all and have most of my lessons already processed.
Also, is it only at this time that the daily SRS portion of the vocab review is generated? Earlier I don’t see an option to select the SRS review for this particular day.
Finally, a question or a feature request: is there any option to have the SRS review with randomly sorted items? At the moment it’s just A-Z/Z-A/Creation data/Status/Importance. I wish I could have them totally unsorted during the review session.

No, emails are sent automatically and can’t be adjusted in the Settings.
At the moment it’s not possible to randomly sort items, but we’ll see what we can do to improve things there.