LingQ of the day e-mail is missing

I’ven’t got a LingQ of the day e-mail today.
On the vocabulary page I cannot filter Feb 02, too.
Same for my daughter and my friend.

Sorry about that, Vera. We’ll look into what happened here.

I didn’t get it either.

LingQs of 3rd February didn’t come as well.

Same here.

Me too.

Thanks again for the report. This should be fixed soon, so hopefully the emails are sent out properly tomorrow!

Now my daughter got an e-mail for Russian. The problem is that she doesn’t study it.
I got in the meanwhile two e-mails for English and two for French, but none for Dutch.

I got an email with French and one with German (At least it said so). The German one turned out to be Spanish and the French was actually English. So I get the right LingQs, but the language at top of the email is wrong.

I had the same experience as Marwell this morning when I checked my LingQ emails.

Yes, there still seems to be a problem there. I know that we are working on it, and it relates in changes in the automatic mailing system we use. Please be patient.

The language headers are wrong and we’ll be sure to get that fixed.

However, the rest of the emails should be working properly, including the Flashcards and Cloze Test buttons :slight_smile:

I still didn’t get any mails today.

Thanks, Michele. As Steve mentioned above, we’re working on this. Give us a little longer to get this sorted out.

Today I am getting my Japanese LingQs of the Day in a mail with the subject line “Czech LingQs of the Day” and my Chinese with a Hebrew subject line. Is this some kind of conspiracy?

I’ve just realised that the Account page has changed and there are new cases, including “LingQs of the Day” and “Conversation requests”, which were unticked in my profile. So, that must be why I haven’t received any mails these days.

Could I set it up that way, that I wouldn’t receive any e-mails, but would still have my lingqs of the day accessible in the SRS system of the site and via Android?
And by the way, those who are not receiving e-mails: is it just a problem with e-mails or don’t you have any new lingqs in the SRS section of the Vocabulary page either? Cause the second one is my problem.

No LingQs in the SRS page, either.

I would also like to use the SRS without having to receive seven e-mails a day. I usually delete them…

I just wonder if that flag in the “Select the emails you would like to receive” section effects just the e-mails or shuts off the complete SRS system.

The SRS lists are tied to the emails. If we generated a list of every single user with every single language they’re studying, it would put a huge amount of stress on our servers. This way, it’s only a fraction of that since many users have created LingQs in multiple languages but have turned the Daily LingQs off for all but one or two.

For the emails that weren’t sent, we’re looking at adding these lists to the Vocabulary section so even if you missed the email, you won’t have missed the list.

@mikebond - I recommend setting up a filter in your email client to have these LingQs of the Day emails automatically sent to a separate folder. That way you’ll only see them if you’re actually looking for them, but your lists will still be accessible through the Vocabulary section.