LingQ not working

Hi, I cannot get the new version to work properly. The old version was just about perfect for my needs and I signed up for a year recently. I don’t want to spend any time beta testing this for you so was wondering how I would get a refund. It’s a pity because this was my favorite program.

I regret these problems very much and apologize. I personally, as well as our staff, used the new version for over 3 months on our testing server. We had a Beta group of users for over a month, and yet the real environment has created problems. I am confident that if you liked the old version, you will like the new version even better. However, we first have to resolve these problems, and deal with issues raised by our members.

@dfranks - Give us a little time to get the kinks sorted out. You don’t have to beta test anything. Come back in another day and everything should be working much better for you. I think if you give the new updates a chance once the dust settles you will be happier than before. We find it to be a significant improvement and we are all long time LingQ users!

Hi, Firefox 15 and IE 64bit don´t work on my Apple-iMac. Luckily, Apple provides the Safari Browser which works without any problem (as far as I can judge it until now).
I am very thrilled by the new LingQ 2.0. The best LingQ ever. Launching a new complex computer software always requires some patience. This is nothing unusual.
So we have to have some patience; it´s worth it!

I have some problem with new version, I hope to sort all out as soon as possible.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work properly on Chrome either (Mac version). I see an empty timeline, and none of the buttons take me anywhere else (e.g. to the lessons).

I can use Safari for a few days so it doesn’t matter, fingers crossed it’s just a minor glitch that can be fixed up soon.


I’m convinced that people worked hard on this new version and i’m sorry but i’ve to say what i truly think… The main features don’t work at all for me : Lingq player doesn’t even apear next to the lessons, when flying my cursor over a blue word nothing happens, etc… I use linux and firefox. Plus tell me if i’m wrong but the “random” section in the libary doesn’t exist anymore, i used to use it lot. Lingq is a complex website with plenty of features which is a good thing , but it took me almost a year to learn how to use it properly and go through the entire site, now i feel like i have to re-learn it all while i’d rather be stuying languages… The previous setting was almost perfect to me, wasn’t it possible to enhance what needed to without removing the whole interface ? Here is a french saying “le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”, anyone has the Enlish version ?
Anyways guys i’m still in owe with what you accomplished ( i wouldn’t be able to do 1% of what you did creating the website and i’m thankfull) , and hope i can use my favorite website soon cause i miss it…

@pascal30 - The changes we made were drastic, but we really believe that they will make the site that much better. Popups no longer appear in the maximized view, instead the popups will appear in the dashboard on the right. If you would like to see the old popups instead, you can click the “-” button at the top right to access the minimized view. As Mark says above, give us a little more time to get things sorted out. We’re sure you’ll love the new LingQ as much as we do!

I’ve been testing the LingQ 2.0 and It doesn’t work (the lists and ajax pages) with Google Chrome, but Mozilla work just fine. Please fix it!

I write in italian because it is hard to me write in english.

Mi piace molto la nuova veste di LingQ e mi sembra sia organizzata molto bene. Pare gradevole alla vista tuttavia ho diversi problemi, su tutti i browser che io utilizzo. Su firefox per win non si vede la parte destra nella pagina delle lezioni, per intenderci quella dove c’è anche l’avatar, non si vede quindi nemmeno il player. Sempre su firefox nella home di riepilogo nessuna lezione viene visualizzata.
Su Internet Explorer stessa cosa, in questo caso si vedono le parti sopracitate ma non funzionano correttamente e altri punti del sito non funzionano. Stessa cosa se io accedo al sito da Ipad nella sua versione web.

E ci sono tantissimi altri problemi, tuttavia mi sento di dire che è ancora presto e possiamo attendere ancora qualche ora perchè tutto ritorni a funzionare, il primo impatto è positivo, mi piace come dicevo la nuova gestione ma necessita di lavorarci sopra, perchè praticamente su tutti i browser il sito non risulta utilizzabile appieno!

Sorry for my post in italian, but I wanted to give my opinion about that!

Having similar issues here. All the audio appears to have disappeared except as downloads. The word definitions are gone along with the audio on the individual words. What happened?

Maybe consider having an alternative site with version 1 running for those of us who feel totally lost…I was practicing every day since I joined (last week) and now nothing seems to work.

Grazie Eze. Thanks for all your feedback. We are working to deal with these issues.

Am I understanding correctly that the new version is working except in Chrome (on a pc)? I dislike FF and worse for IE but I would be okay using FF for my lesson until the issues are fixed.

It seems some Chrome users on Mac or PC are having problems. It works fine for me in Chrome on a PC and on a Mac but others are having problems. We are trying to resolve this issue but it is working fine for most Chrome users. A strange one…!

Just tried FF. It works a little better. The audio links for the lessons work, but the audio for the individual words are not functioning, at least for me.

Firefox 15 (PC) will not help (the panel for playback audio and editing lingqs is absent, so it is unusable at all). The Chrome (ver. 21.0.1180.89) is working for me (but with multiple issues). We just have to wait for a couple of days before things will be settled down.

Added later: I read your last comment. It is funny that FF works for you and Chrome does not, but it is just the opposite way for me. I have tried clean install, but without success (Windows 7 x64).

@a5m - Would you be able to open up the Error Console (Control+Shift+J) then open a lesson and take a screenshot of any errors that appear? This should help is in figuring out why the dashboard isn’t showing for some users.

@alex - While I have tried to carry out your request, I’ve got the dashboard! o_O At the same time, the issue when the buttons Learn, Teach and Task did not work at the profile page was resolved too. The issue with a profile page of other users showing “Error 500” has disappeared too. It looks like you have repaired the things already :slight_smile:

The errors from the console:
Метка времени: 05.09.2012 23:01:00
Ошибка: TypeError: event.item is undefined
Источник: chrome://global/content/bindings/videocontrols.xml
Строка: 643
Метка времени: 05.09.2012 23:01:01
Ошибка: TypeError: event.item is undefined
Источник: chrome://global/content/bindings/videocontrols.xml
Строка: 643
Метка времени: 05.09.2012 23:01:03
Ошибка: TelemetryStopwatch: key “FX_SESSION_RESTORE_COLLECT_DATA_MS” was already initialized
Источник: resource://gre/modules/TelemetryStopwatch.jsm
Строка: 53

Excellent, glad to hear you’re no longer having these issues :slight_smile: We’re still working on bugs and things should continue to improve as we move forward.

the new lingq version did not fit in my notebook display. Performance is much slower now i spend more time waiting until elements load then learning language. Keybinds dont working. new payer always pop ups when i press the world to look mening. on my desk compiuter evrything runs well but i still feel evrything runs much slower than before. You’re can change every thing in lingq but please do not tuch player and reading and lisin interface becose old one working much more smoody. You add so many unnecessary features thad made slower performance i think.