LingQ not letting me edit a lesson, please help

Once I opened the lesson on the new version of lingQ on my iPad it doesn’t let me edit that same lesson on the desktop version. What do I do?

Also how do I access the beta version of LingQ on my computer?
Maybe I can edit the lesson from that version of LingQ?
Why is this so complicated just to edit my lesson?

We are converting lessons to a new format. Converted lessons can only be edited in LingQ 5.0 once it’s released or in Beta at the moment.
If you are in the Beta group, you can access it here

If not, please email me and I’ll add you.

Thanks Zoran.

Also what does the check mark mean in the new LingQ app? I thought maybe it meant I finished the lesson, but the check mark is on the lessons I haven’t completed yet as well.

Checkmark means you’ve taken/opened that lesson. Prior to that it’s a + which you can tap to add it without opening.

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Hi zoran! I’m running into a similar issue in the desktop beta version. Where do I go to actually edit the lesson once I’m on the beta website? I tried to correct a lesson someone uploaded on the previous version on my desktop, but was unable to, and then once I opened the same lesson in beta, I can’t find the option to edit the lesson…

@Caldazar At the moment you can only edit your own imports on the Beta.

Beta version is accessed at If you aren’t already enrolled, you can email support to have them give you access.

@zoran Ok, makes sense. I assume the option to edit other people’s lessons will arrive once the full 5.0 is released? I’m guessing I’m not the only one who works to make sure the text actually matches the audio when I come across a discrepancy. It’s also helpful that I have a native-speaking wife who helps me figure out what it’s supposed to be lol

Yeah, it will be enabled again once it’s released.