Lingq method

Hey, I signed on this website a while ago but haven’t really been on since I don’t really know how to use the system. I know about the new update and i know about "Lingq"ing but I still want to heard about what you guys do to become fluent in a language here. Can you guys please tell me your exact method when it comes to learning a language on here?

I am not sure if that is what you want, but you can try the article from the creator of LingQ: Learn languages from what you're interested in!

The method is to “read and listen for interesting content”. At the site you can find a very good library of text materials accompanied by audio, quick dictionary and some tools to help memorizing words and phrases. All that you need to expose yourself to foreign language with comfort.

Hey, I would recommend that you choose a language, select a lesson from the Library (Learn/Library), open the lesson and on the right pane just above “Study Resources” there you can find a little blue arrow pointing downwards. Click on that arrow and select “View Tutorial”. Steve tells you there how to use the method.

Thanks guys, and I agree that following the Tutorial view is the best way to go.

It is not only my view, but widely accepted in the language acquisition field, that the constant and frequent exposure to language content that is of interest, and not too difficult, listening and reading and acquiring words and phrases, is the fastest way to learn a language. Help yourself to the contents of our library, largely created or provided by your fellow members, and let the new language flow into your brain.

Ok thanks guys. The number of times I go over a lesson doesn’t matter since I’m supposed to move on after I understand at least 80% of the material right?

@Psmaniaboy - That’s right. When you feel ready either when you know 80% or you are tired of the lesson, just move on. Don’t feel like you have to nail everything down. You’ll encounter those words again in other contexts and things will become clearer.

largely created or provided by your fellow members, and let the new language flow into your brain.

Do I have to use the flashcard function though? Personally, I rather learn words in context.

There are a variety of ways to learn and to use the site. You certainly do not have to use the flashcard function. Learning the words in context, aided by the yellow reminders of words and phrases that you are learning, is very effective. You can also review your words in lists, or us any of the other word learning functions. Different people enjoy different ways of learning.