Lingq messed up unknown words on half of lessons

Lingq messed up unknown words on half of lessons since the update on ios last night. It seems it’s only recognizing 1/2 a given lesson and then counting the other 1/2 of the unknown words as known!

That’s strange. Do you have that problem on the iOS app only? Can you please try to reinstall it and check again?

I did reinstall and the issue is still there although more minor than I had realized. When one first goes into a lesson, instead of showing the 20 “pages” at the top it only shows 10. If you read past the 10th page I guess it’s counting all the words from then on as “known”. In addition, all the percentages now are different for each lesson and look to be 1/2 of what they should be at least when comparing to before the update on iOS. If one goes into the lesson, back out and then back in then all 20 “pages” show up and it works. The percentages are still screwed up however.

I’m trying to duplicate this, but so far it looks ok to me. It could be something specific to these lessons or your account. Could you please take screenshots or create a screen recording that shows the following:

  1. The percentages before opening the lesson
  2. The last page of the “short” lesson that ends up “counting all the words as known”
  3. The percentages after opening the lesson
  4. The re-opened “full” lesson with 20 pages

Please email these to us from Settings (Gear Icon) → App → Email Support. Include the language and name of the course and we’ll take a look.