Lingq malfunction on Samsung Galaxy

I have issues with the app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
I have many lessons for which the text is not displayed.
The course is “EnglishLingq” and examples for such lessons many:

#163 Polite terminology”, “#186 Drinking and Driving”, #190 and etc.
I have reinstalled the app, but did not solve the issue.

Could you please help with solution?

Best regards,
K. Muratovski


Thanks for your message. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this issue and the lessons you have mentioned all display the correct text for us. Would you be able to test if this issue persists for you on another Android device? This way we could attribute the issue to your account, rather than the device.

Please let us know and we will do our best to fix your issues.


Thanks for the advice - it seems it is mobile related issue.
I tried with another mobile and the lessons are fine.

Best regards,