LingQ Log Out button has appeared on the Task Bar

How did that happen? Does it work? I shall now try it out. If it does, I shall disappear for a couple of minutes and then report back…

Yes, it does! A great toy. Thank you.

@SanneT - I’m not sure what this means. Where are you seeing the log out button? It has always been in your profile dropdown. Are you seeing it somewhere else?

It has appeared on the FF bar where things like Most Visited and Getting Started are. It sits right next to the Import Bookmarklet button. I like it, I am only curious how it appeared there. I haven’t done anything…

P.s. it is a LingQ Green button (the question bubble/rectangle with the little tail at the bottom)

Ahh…ok.Nothing we did I’m afraid. It’s either you or FF…

Weird, but it works well and so I won’t delete it.

@SanneT - It looks like you may have dragged the Logout link to your Bookmarks Bar, hence why it saved it as a bookmark. You can actually do this for other links and pages as well :slight_smile:

A bookmark? Aha. Well, it must have happened accidentally, but what fun. I have just done it on the Notepad as well, brilliant!