Lingq live (speaktime)

What is your opinion about the new service on lingq ( Is it better than italki?

Is this really a service of Lingq?

I dont’t think it’s a lingq own solution. When you go to there is an information that you can order this a a service to your page.
I just got an email with information that these classes are availablle. I havn’t seen Steve talking about this service.

We collaborate with the SpeakTime (LingQ Live) a few months already. At this moment for Spanish only.

In what way does this collaboration function? Should I find something about it when I open the lesson page for Spanish?

We are partnering with Speaktime to essentially offer group discussions. Since only 1 on 1 conversations are normally available for our tutors. We are experimenting here to see if that is something users might like and should be offered across all languages. It is a third party solution but we are working together with them to try to integrate it as much as possible. If it proves popular, we would look for additional ways to integrate.

You can find a banner for LingQ Live on the Speak page in Spanish under Exchange.

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