LingQ limits

I’d like to ask how to get my 20 LingQs /day.
I used 20 during my first lesson and I have been waiting for the next 20 for a few weeks. When I want try a new lesson I keep getting the message ‘lingq limits reached’.
I thought the free version allows 20/day. Am I missing something?
Tried on the desktop version too without success.

I am sorry but it is 20 LingQs/user.

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Oh ok. Can u suggest anything else I can do on this app please ( free version). Still interested… but really I can read and listen to podcasts everywhere for free…
Thanks a lot

Unless you have up to 20 LingQs you can see the words translations and mark them as known.
Free version does not allow to have more than 20 LingQs (including deleted LingQs), it does not allow to have more than 5 imported texts. Maybe something more, I don’t remember.

unfortunately you have to buy the premium subscribtion or higher to get more lingqs. For me it is worth it because i am learning my language full time rather than a hobby.

Thank you, such a shame :frowning:

Yes, I’ve been thinking about buying the premium one as I’m learning full time too. The free version is absolutely useless. I will see. Thank you for the advice.