LingQ Limit problem


I am still a free member, trying out LingQ. I’ve been happily learning lingqs, then deleting them. Today, although I’ve deleted 75 lingqs, I’m still getting the message that I’m up to my limit, so I’m unable to create any more lingqs.

Any suggestions?



Hi Janet,

Unfortunately we seem to be having an issue with this. Please note however that we are aware of it and are currently looking to find a fix. In the meantime you can either wait a bit for us to fix it or you can create a new account to continue to create LingQs.

Thanks. Would you mind posting here when it’s fixed, if you have time? Thank you.

Hi. This morning I seem to be able to create new lingqs again, which is great. However, I can’t create new hints for phrases. Is this a known bug at the moment?

I too can’t create new hints for phrases. I have to accept a hint previously created by someone and then edit it. My browser is Firefox 3.6.10.

We fixed the issue which was preventing some accounts from creating LingQs. The phrase creation issue is a separate bug which we also know about. We are working on that now.