LingQ library becomes more and more chaotic

One example:

Slow Chinese
Lessons in Course: 20

Lessons in Course: 48

Lessons in Course: 2

It seems that the LingQ library becomes more and more chaotic. The same stuff in three collections/courses. Why isn’t it possible that everybody puts the podcasts in one collection?

The LingQ Library is kind of like YouTube in many ways. Since the content is provided by members in the community, they’re not necessarily checking all the existing content to make sure it hasn’t yet been uploaded. YouTube and any other crowdsourcing content site suffers the same issue, unfortunately!

We do hope to make some updates hopefully early next year that will allow more prominent featuring of custom courses that will allow multiple courses to be combined.

I actually do a previous search whenever I upload new content. It’s a shame others don’t do the same.


Well other members just want to increase their number of shared lessons, so even though there is already the content there. It isn’t under their name, so they’ll just upload the lesson anyways. A wee sad in my opinion, but like Alex said," It’s kind of like YouTube in many ways.".

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