LingQ known words vs. dictionary words

This comes up on the forum sometimes, and I keep wanting to get some more clarity on it. Is there a formula available for various languages as to how the individual words we mark here as “known” in their various forms would correspond with dictionary words known?

Also, what would be proper linguistic terms to describe this? I’d love to google some articles on it, but I’m very bad with linguistic nomenclature :slight_smile:

Honestly I think a formula would be near impossible to make accurate. I think that for romance languages it is something like half the word count on LingQ is equal to the actual root words, and for languages like Russian it is something like a quarter of the word count. However, as you become more advanced and advanced in the language and have something like 90,000 known words in Russian (such as Steve), you start to have no more new words in what you read. And the new words that you do have are just different verb endings for words you already know, so you can just move them straight to your known words, upping your word count. Therefore, I think this “4 times” formula stops working at some point, which makes me think an accurate formula is impossible. But for most cases, like intermediate to early advanced I think it works just fine. I’m not sure for German and Korean, but I know for romance language like Spanish and French it’s about four times the words you know in a dictionary is your number on LingQ.

Sorry for that all over the place and probably confusing response, but I hope it helps.

Good luck!

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I can see why it would be difficult to have an exact formula, but wondered whether there was an accepted estimate for different languages. There is a sliding scale here on LingQ as to when you reach the different levels in each language, so I’m guessing there is some linguistic principals that that is based on and that might correlate to this subject.

In any case, it’s an interesting aspect that I’ll have to do some more research on. Either that or just forget it and keep studying :slight_smile: