LingQ is the GREATEST web-site in the world

Thank you very much for new vocabulary. I think it is very easy-to-use. All my dreams come true!

Worth 10 bucks a month, hey? :smiley:

I wasn’t right. It become the worst web-site. you have all this functions onlu in basic account. today free account is unaccessible to learn languages. If I delete already known linq for giving place to new other linqs I delete it from my statistic/ it is very bad. I don’t will use this site more. :…(

That was quite the swing of opinion. It took less than 30 minutes. haha

Certainly, it’s worth the 10 dollars a month for the ‘greatest web-site in the world’. :slight_smile:

Keep using it Andrey, it’s better value than any language school you’ll find. You just need to put in the time.

@Imyirtseshem Well. The best one is Google and I just pay them $5 a year for extra storage :smiley:
So, their could be some lack of assessment of economic return involved on my side, as far I still pay $10 per month here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a big fan of google, their translation is really all I use. They make much more money from you without taking it from your pocket. There, like on television, YOU are the product. hehe

Personally, I’d even pay more for LingQ.

@Imyirtseshem I use Adblock and so see no advisement, therefore my five bucks probably make the deal fair)

I use it too - and ghostery, no-script, etc. :slight_smile: I’m just not the type who likes his emails scanned, personal information stored (also no real facebook account) and I’ve not got any use for the other online features like documents and all that. A mix of personal preferences and privacy concerns. Certainly, they make good quality products, though.

@Imyirtseshem There are probably two types of countries in the world: those in which to let your be data be stored on some-else’s foreign storage is a privacy concern and those in which to store data on an inland computer is a major privacy concern :slight_smile:

I was disappointed by the limitations of the free membership as well, but I think $10 a month is a good deal for a site I find myself using regularly. Especially compared to what some other language programs charge.

Eugrus, it’s not really about ‘data’ itself. It’s what sort of data that is, for how it is kept and what purpose it is put to. If it’s personal information, then I’ve got a problem with it. If I give that data up, knowing the risk, that’s another thing. If it’s gathered without my permission - that’s deceptive. Using people’s pictures to make ads on Facebook? That’s pretty evil. Just to name one example. haha