LingQ is helping me learn more than the French language

I just purchased tickets for a stage production of Les Misérables later this month. Since I am a person who prefers nonfiction, especially anything about technology and the news, this is not something I was planning to do.

Signing up for the Les Misérables conversation as my first group conversation probably was not the wisest thing to do. I had never even read Les Misérables in English and knew very little about it. Although I knew reading a small section in French would take time, I enjoy new challenges and was eager to get involved in group conversations. I didn’t contribute a lot to the conversation, but I understood much of what was said and was able to introduce myself and talk about my personal reading interests. Interacting with a group on Skype was a wonderful experience, and after finishing, I wanted to learn more about Les Misérables and its background. While researching it, I was thrilled to find out that I could see it on stage in a nearby city. It’s not New York and Broadway, but I can’t afford those prices either!

Thanks LingQ for helping me expand my reading and cultural interests.

Wow, that sounds like quite an exciting (and rewarding!) experience :slight_smile: It’s awesome to hear that you’ve made so much progress, but even more so that you’re obviously enjoying the experience. Keep up the great work, Marj :smiley:

This is wonderful news, indeed! Bonne continuation et à très bientôt !

How wonderful! LingQ is really reaching the parts other language programmes claim to aim for.

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