LingQ is great, but two usability suggestions!

Hi guys,

I love LingQ so far. I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years and sure I notice things here and there, but I think these 2 things would be the most beneficial to me personally:

  1. When you choose the definition of a word, don’t skip to the next word, go to the Edit Definition screen where you can tag it, listen to the audio, etc. Perhaps a different button beside the definition that says “Choose and Edit.” After I choose a definition, I often like to do some editing/listening/repeating.

  2. Have an account setting so that when you go to the Edit Definition screen, it automatically plays the audio. Ideally, I can go from word to word listening to the audio.

Thanks so much for LingQ!! You’re really onto something here!!


@ericmuyser - Glad you like the site and thanks for the feedback!

  1. If you hover on a hint and then click the edit pencil beside it, it will open the Edit LingQ screen with that hint in the hint field. You can then do all the things you are asking about and then by hitting the right arrow key, move on to the next blue word.
  2. That’s a good suggestion. We’ll see what we can do in our next round of improvements.