LingQ is a mortal threat to Rosetta Stone

It says so in this article:

It is ridiculously overpriced, especially when there are far more natural ways of learning, like at LingQ, which only costs £6 a month.

Interesting article. Products like Coca Cola are successful, not just because of advertising, but because they have a good product that people like.

LingQ can only become better in time, with fresh content added daily, software upgrades and (hopefully soon) new languages.

Rosetta Stone does not have this potential. In addition, its “one size fits for all” languages approach (i.e. using the same material for all languages) does not address the cultural differences of each language. Do people studying Arabic really want to see pretty pictures of well-heeled American families asking for directions in the middle of New York ?

Rosetta Stone is one of the companies that is only good at one thing: marketing research and advertisement. The more money the spend on 30 minute infomercials, the more they spend to have retail stores set up a display for their product, etc. is just one of the many signs that their product isn’t as good as it is cracked up to be. I equate RS to that self-exclaimed superstar in High School: someone who claimed continuously how they were the best at virtually everything, yet ended up being the worst.

I’m not sure how RS prices are worldwide (the thought of it being a worldwide app scares me…) but here paying 3-400 dollars per level comes out to over 1000 dollars for all levels. For that price you could pretty much live at lingq! Not to mention that’s for one language, whereas at lingq by the time you’d get even close to paying that much cumulatively you would have been able to accumulate multiple languages.

Not only is lingq better, but I personally find all other options to be better. I would take “insert-language-here for Dummies” even over RS. Even if you run across a book that’s not the best you’re only out 10-20 dollars as opposed to 2-3-400!

LingQ is indeed a mortal threat to Rosetta Stone. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why Japanese people left quite nice comments for Rosetta Stone. Maybe it depends on users.

Two persons put four-star rating.

It is very strange that I cannot find 《[语言学习软体]罗赛塔石碑》 (Rosetta Stone) on Chinese Amazon. Actually, I wanted to read Chinese people’s comments but I can’t…

Maybe this software is too expensive for learners, but I don’t know exactly why.

“paying 3-400 dollars per level comes out to over 1000 dollars for all levels”

Yeah, for that kind of money I could buy a plane ticket and go to the country where they speak the language. Really, the price is just staggering.

“Rosetta Stone” in China is called or known as “如师通”. Try googling “如师通语言学习软件”.

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