LingQ is a killer app!

LingQ is a killer app!

A report on LingQ was just posted on a site called Killer Startups.

This is an opportunity to make more people aware of LingQ. If you want to help LingQ, it would certainly help LingQ if you go this site (just click on the link) and then, at the site, click on the “Killers” button, with the number on it, on the top right hand side .

Every time this button is clicked the number increases. A high number will increase the awareness of LingQ on the web, and make more people come to have a look at our site. If you would like to help us, please click on the link and then click on the “Killers” button. Many thanks if you do so, but do not feel any obligation.

You will actually have to visit the following URL in order to click on the “Killers” button:

Unfortunately, this link will not work. Therefore, please visit the following URL:

You can also visit to see a screenshot of the button you can click on to increase the awareness of LingQ on the web.