LingQ iPhone app - Failed to Login

Today I tried the new LingQ iPhone app. But after (correctly) inputting username and password, it said: “Failed To Login.” What am I doing wrong? Is the app only for paying members?


The app worked fine for me. Are others having trouble? As to whether this is only for paying members you will have to wait for Mark to answer.

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There is no membership restriction on the app. It should be fine for all. I can log in to multiple accounts no problem. Please check your username and password and remember that they are case sensitive.

You should change your iPod Touch/iPhone language setting into English.

I failed to log in for a while before my friend, yukoxoxo2000 taught me how to resolve the problem.

We failed to log in when our iPhone/iPot Touch language setting was Japanese.
When we changed the language to English, voila, it worked!!

Ahhh…thanks AngieAkiko and yukoxoxo for pointing that out. That’s something we never tested! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. I can’t log in too. Also I don’t understand how it is possible to log in typing my username and password (both in english) with any other language setting (Japanese, Russian). :slight_smile: I do it of course in english. Therefore I still can’t resolve the problem with the help of AngieAkiko’s advice:(

Angieakiko is referring to the language setting of your iPod/iPhone. You must change your language to English unfortunately. I am trying to figure out why that is but in the meantime, to use the app, it needs to have English as the language setting on your ipod.

Thanks everybody. After changing the iPod language to English, logging in, changing back to German, I was able to use the app.

Thanks everyone! That’s the answer I needed! :slight_smile:

Yes, I see, it’s work.