Lingq ios app not working in Russia

Hello, there is an issue. The ipad os lingq app cant fetch any data from lingq. I’ve tried several internet providers the issue persists among all of them.
I can connect to web version of the lingq, but if I try to use the ios app it states that I’m offline and doesnt work.
App starts to work once I switch on the Germany based vpn.
Hence there is an issue with some kind of routing from Russia/Moscow, please check.

Unfortunately, for some reason LingQ got banned in Russia and at the moment can be accessed via VPN only. Hopefully that will change soon.

Hi, Zoran
Yes, app doesn’t work properly for several days.
But the access to LingQ web-version on PC is intermittent too now (without VPN).
Moscow (Provider Beeline)
Could you do something from your side?
Yours, Denis

Unfortunately, not much we can do on our end at the moment, sorry!