LingQ in iPad Browser - Text to Speech Issue

I occasionally sign into LingQ using the Safari browser on an iPad (most current OS etc).

I am working on Portuguese and I have the text to speech voice set in the iPad settings to European Portuguese. That works fine in the iPad and iPhone LingQ app, on an iMac and a Mac Air I use.

But when I sign into LingQ using Safari on my iPad I get a Brazilian Portuguese voice. There is a big difference, hard to miss.

I have the default in iOS settings set to a European Portuguese voice and that works fine in the iPad LingQ app. The issue is just in iPad browsers I usually use Safari. I also tried the Chrome browser and Firefox, same story

When I check the LingQ settings under “Reading Settings” I have the “Text-to-speech Accent” set to “Portuguese Female”. The other setting is “Brazilian Portuguese Female”, which I have not selected but it appears that is what I am getting.

Any help would be appreciated.



I should add that restarting the iPad did not resolve the issue.