LingQ in high schools

I have often thought that the most logical place for LingQ is in high schools. There are several reasons for this.

  1. LingQing is a little bit like work. Most people will not do it for long. We are going to make easier and faster, and eventually more and more words are in our own User Hints dictionary, but still it is like work. In a school the teacher can assign this work.

  2. LingQing and tagging LingQs is a great way to learn grammar. The teacher can develop the Tags for different grammar features and the kids are told to do it. All of this can be reviewed in a classroom.

  3. Schools are looking more and more at how to bring the world of the internet into the classroom. It enables the school to access many more resources from around the world.

  4. In a multipolar world there is more and more interest in languages, not just English.

  5. Schools could do their own writing and speaking if they had resources on site, or use LingQ tutors.

The obstacles are the established curriculum, the reluctance to place additional costs on the parents and kids.

I would be interested in the views of others. Is this a practical place for LingQ? What would have to change in LingQ?