LingQ Importer tool error

For traditional chinese, it seems importing a lesson as text works fine and the characters can be parsed correctly, however when I import from youtube videos LingQ tries to read each line as one word and doesn’t let me look up words individually.

Here is an example video I tried to import::

動畫短片:「避風港」 - YouTube

and here the lesson it gave me:

登入 - LingQ

If I click on edit lesson on LingQ, and copy in the subtitles from the video manually LingQ actually parses the characters correctly and works, for example this lesson:

登入 - LingQ

The problem must lie somewhere in the importer tool itself, specifically taking in Youtube videos in traditional chinese. Any suggestions?

Hi Luke,
Thanks for reporting that. I’ll check that and report it to our team. We will try to figure it out.


Thank you zoran!

Any luck?

This issue is reported to our team and I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them. Thanks for your patience, I hope that we will have it sorted out soon.

Any response? Now when I use the youtube importer tool the characters are parsed fine but no audio is imported. Thank you for your help Zoran

The parsing issue is fixed, as you noticed, but unfortunately audio importing doesn’t always work and that is the case for all languages. Google has some restrictions here and they are sometimes blocking and not allowing audio to be imported automatically too. In cases like that, you will need to extract the audio manually using one of available online tools and upload it manually to imported lesson.

This is what I have been doing, but it seems to work 0/10 times I have tried with trad chinese recently and with Spanish it worked every single time. Thanks for your response Zoran