LingQ importer errors

I have been having issues with the LingQ importer.

Firstly when importing a course I have been noticing that my option to import to isn’t allowing me to import to all courses that should be available (that I have made to import to before).

Secondly when I have imported a course (I simply made a new course) it now appears as blocked off on my library with a yellow padlock symbol and when I click on it- it says: ‘Please Upgrade’ without any information about what i’m meant to upgrade to.

I am a premium lifetime member and have nothing I can upgrade to- so this restriction is baffling to me. I’m worried i’m not going to be able to use the importer again?

Thanks for the help.

Also I don’t know how easily it is possible but it seems near impossible to move a lesson from one course to another, these feels like it should be a really basic feature of the UI so maybe I’ve missed where you can do this (i’m sure you use to be able to…) or it’s something to add in the future I hope?

best wishes

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Sorry to hear that! Have you imported that course to Japanese language slot? I see you have Lifetime active for Japanese and you only have unlimited access and imports in that language.

To move a lesson from one course to other, just open it then go to the Edit Lesson page (you can find the edit option under the lesson menu) and on the edit lesson page you will be able to move it to other course, you will see an option to do so at the top.

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