LingQ import extension ~ Questions about privacy

Hi! I have a question about the lingQ import extension (for Safari). Using the extension, at least in Safari, would require me to enable sharing my browsing history (‘can see when you visit all webpages’). As much as I appreciate the work and the functionality that this extension enables, is this really necessary and how is sharing this data related to the functioning of the extension? Would it be possible to get insights into what data is collected and what it is used for?

Many thanks and Best~~


I’m also very interested in this question. I honestly would like an option to enable it only on the sites I choose. I know this is possible with Safari.

I know it’d be very inconvenient to have to go into Safari preferences and add a new site to the whitelist each time I want to use the extension on a new site, but I really prefer to keep my extensions access to the bare minimum.

I probably won’t be even using the extension if it requires access to all of this information.


At the moment it’s not possible to enable the extension for specific websites only, so it does require permission to access content you visit on the web.
We’ll see if there is room for improvement.

Yes, this have always concerned me on Safari.


One solution might be to just create a profile in Chrome (maybe you can also do this in Safari, I don’t know) and you can do all of your LingQ activity in that profile with the extension enabled. When you’re finished, go back to your regular profile for the rest of your web use.