LingQ has given me so much confidence

I have always been working at an intermediate 1 level (passive vocabulary), but after a few months with lingQ my German is now also intermediate 1 (active vocabulary) and my passive vocabulary is pushing into the intermediate 2 zone, I have also been able to take my Spanish (0 known words) to 1300 words in just 6 weeks, I think lingQ’s great and I have recommended it to a lot of my friends, I cant wait to learn several new languages and hopefully I will make the ranking of polyglot before I am 19 years old.

Well done, Harry! I think you will succeed in your goal. As for me, I don’t know how much I have progressed yet because I’m a bit lazy and I want to learn a lot of languages at the same time…

I have to agree with everything you’re saying Harry. In terms of language learning, LingQ is definetly the best thing since sliced bread. My friends and classmates are amazed at my recent progress in Spanish and German. I keep telling them a large part is down to LingQ. And do they sign up? Some of them. And do they continue and become paid members? Usually no. I can’t understand why when they can see my huge success thanks to LingQ. In terms of your own story I am sure it will be a success if you maintain your dedication and effort towards these languages, hopefully at LingQ. Haha and let me know when you wake up one day and suddenly feel like you have deserved the ‘ranking’ or status of polyglot haha.

David, most (young) people today feel that everything that’s on the net has to be free. This is basically why they don’t want to pay. Another reason is likely to be that they refuse to imagine it’s possible to learn without a teacher. When I went to attend a Spanish course in Salamanca in 2003 after studying Spanish by myself with a course by ASSIMIL, my teachers wouldn’t believe I had never had a class with a teacher.

Yes, I agree too. LingQ helps me a lot to gain confidence. Now I can write English letters, about complicated topics with a few mistakes and without expecting criticism.
I’ve never attended in any class in order to learn English, and I believe it is virtually possible to learn any language without a teacher.

LingQ gave me confidence. Now I don’t bother if my writings are correct or not, If someone does not understand me, it is his problem. I also don’t give a thing to my pronunciation and grammar mistakes. Now I feel myself an advanced student. And this is only the beginning of my linguistic career!

Victor, thanks to LingQ I now know that I will never understand Russians. But I sure enjoy trying. And as for massacring their language…it does not bother me at all.

We are not so bad anyway. We also love to learn. I don’t understand why some people don’t like us.

I like you, I like you…if Russians were any nicer no one would pay them any attention.

I cannot wait to go to Russia to spend a few weeks or longer. I am just training my liver right now, so that I can keep up when I go to a Russian bath house on Christmas eve. I do not want to get on the wrong plane and end up in the wrong town and in the wrong apartment, although I might meet some interesting people that way.

Steve, a little quiz for you: do you know of what substance vodka is made in today’s Russia?


Oh. no! Of sawdust. You need a very good liver or much better, one in reserve.

I wholly concur. I constantly feared death from cirrhosis while I lived in Russia. And now, suddenly, I have a craving for Baltika beer. Oh no. :smiley:

But I quite agree with Harry. Love this place.

Wait, lingq defines what the different levels are? Does someone have a link to this explanation somewhere? I always just thought they were somewhat arbitrary indicators that helped sort out the difficulty of the content.

The difficulty level of the content is decided by the provider and defaults to a word frequency calculator which is quite inaccurate for most languages. As to the levels themselves you can see the definitions when you go to change your proficiency level.

Oh neat. Thanks steve!

@ “I like you…if Russians were any nicer no one would pay them any attention.”

Where is the glory Victor? :-). Not long ago they would have paid attention to our power! And now we need LingQ to feel confident? Damn the dermocrats from the Echo…

But Ilya, I find Russians nice, warm, friendly once you get to know them. And Echo does not only have democrats, they have quite a collection of opinionated people spoiling for a chance to make the most dramatic statements. I would not call Limonov or Prokhanov democrats.

For sure Steve. By the way I mockingly used the word “dermocrats”, which is the combination of the Russian word dermo (shit) and the ending crats. It is how people who disliked first Eltsin, then Gaidar, and now any democratic opposition to the current Russian party at power call the opposition.

Anyway, between Limonov and Prokhanov I woud prefer a paying member :wink:

Tale about Success

Once upon a time there lived a beast also known as Big Brother. No one loved him. And once he decided to create a radiostation of his own. He had a lot of gold and many people agreed to help him. Radio worked perfect for him because nobody of his listeners saw his bloodyshot eyes, his hairy skin, his hoofs, his tail and his poisonous fangs. He used to sit in a comfortable armchair and talked to himself. He discussed with himself the issues of democracy and liberalism and in order to look even nicer paid some people for assaulting him and pronouncing their man-hating views. He had a great success, especially among foreign public. In his own country people did not listen to him much because they saw him through.

Conclusion: nobody can be entirely successful.